Ideas for Hen Party Games

Jun 10, 2022 | Scramm Posts

Are you looking for ideas for Hen Party Games that will bond your Bride-Tribe?

Our escape rooms are a great way to start your hen party day where everyone can get involved and all enjoy themselves?

In our escape rooms everyone has fun together, sharing lots of laughs and making lots of memories!

Playing an escape room is fun, memorable, and above all else, a unique hen party game that is all organised for you.

Get everyone together, some will know each other, some won’t have met before. For something original and fun, put yourselves in an escape room all together! Get locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape. During your hen party game with us your hen and her team will need to work together to unlock the door and get out before the timer runs out. Everyone will quickly start communicating and working together to solve all the clues, puzzles and challenges.  By the end of the hour, you will all have broken the ice, started to get to know each other and now have something in common to talk and laugh about for the rest of the hen party day!

Hen party activities and game ideasFor some extra fun during your hen party game we can dress the hen up as a Bank Robber or an Oompa Loompa!

At the end of the game everyone is buzzing from the excitement of who escaped and who didn’t. We take team photos for you to take away! You’ll have lots of opportunity to take your own memorable photos of your hen and your team.

The clock is ticking, hurry ladies!

The bride-to-be can’t miss her wedding!


Please complete your enquiry here. We are happy to make your escape room party experience as enjoyable as possible.

Selected Value: 12
We have a minimum of 12 and max of 18, if you require any more or less please give us a call.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2 PEOPLE: £30 per person
3 PEOPLE: £26 per person
4 PEOPLE: £25 per person
5 PEOPLE: £24 per person
6 PEOPLE: £23 per person