A New Escape Game in Banbury

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Team Building with SCRAMM
August 30, 2017
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Introducing Banbury’s new Escape Game which combines puzzles, teamwork and 60 minutes to get out of a locked room. Keep reading for more details about this exciting game.

There are many Escape Games run online or PC-s or mobile apps. The aim is to escape – survive – from a room/house/warehouse.

The live escape games are making these fun in real life.

These Escape Games are the next level. You don’t have to go too far if you would like to play a quality Escape game. You can find us locally in Banbury. This will be the most intense, pressure inducing 60 minutes you’ll ever spend in one room.

The main psychology behind this game is called flow-theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) )

The theory in a nutshell in the Escape Game: Put the players into a situation, which is well-organised, consciously constructed and they have no idea how the objects are connected to each other. When they start to find clues and start to find out what to do with them, they “flow” towards to the next puzzle by themselves without any help.

The constructors of the game have a hard job because there are no two same people in the world with the same mind, but they have to create the rooms easy enough to let the players get a sense of achievement as they progress to deal with the range of emotions throughout the game- excitement, success and at times feeling frustrated and a bit lost. Everyone’s different and everyone will step into different roles.

Individual roles is another side to the game as you will see people’s true personalities when placed under pressure. Will they be the leader, follower, sceptic, optimist or the one encouraging everyone else?

Every one of our games rooms has cameras and microphones, thus the game-masters can lead you from their station or can stop trouble before it happens and have a panic button in the room that you are able to press anytime you want it.

This is an absolutely harmless game as we call it “this is an organised stress and laugh event”.

And finally who is this activity recommended for? Basically to everyone over 18, however this is very good for children over 10 with parental accompaniment. One of the best short term event for friends, families, colleagues, team builders. Everyone.