Escape Room Experience with Gin and Rum Tasting

Jun 6, 2022 | Scramm Posts

Queen-Cleo-Gin-Tasting-Kit-5-x-large-GTsThose of you who are seasoned ‘scrammers’ will know that SCRAMM stands for Solve Clues, Riddles and Much More!

But, just how much more we hear you cry?

A shed load of gin and rum more we say! We’re super excited to team up with The Little Gin and Rum Company to offer gin or rum tastings after your escape room experience. So, whether you’ve fled the research laboratory, escaped the chocolate factory, or robbed a bank – we’ve got the perfect addition to calm those post escape room nerves and help you continue the party!

So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, on a friend’s stag or hen do or even on a company social or team building event, gin or rum tasting is a great way to extend your time at SCRAMM and give you more time together after you escape to catch up, ponder those pesky clues and ruminate on the riddles!

All hosted and run by experienced, professional gin & rum loving hosts you can be assured of a quality tasting experience with The Little Gin and Rum Company at SCRAMM – the best part? You don’t even have to leave the building.

If you’re wondering what happens at a tasting experience, it’s very simple – we bring the gin or rum to you! We’ll come armed with lashings of booze, tasting mats to help your party score their spirits, as well as tasting menus, and our complimentary branded tasting glasses for you all to keep.

There are typically five stages to a deliciously boozy tasting experience: 

Gintasting-101. Introduction 

After outlining the order of events and any housekeeping, we’ll get started with a delicious cocktail whilst giving a brief overview of the spirits we’ll be tasting and what you can expect during the tasting session. 

2. Education 

This is where we give you a short history of the spirit, the 

distilling process, chat about botanicals and take you through some really interesting facts on your favourite bevvy. We keep this section fun and relaxed. After all, it’s hosted by a fellow spirit lover! 

3. Tasting and mixing 

The part you’ve all been waiting for. We’ll sample four different sprits – taking each in turn and smell and taste both the spirit and mixer separately so you can experience how they work both alone and with each other. The gins are usually a great range e.g., pink, dry, floral, fruity etc. so there’s something for everyone! We also bring along non-tonic options for those who don’t like the taste of tonic. 

4. Chat, drink & relax 

We’re in no rush. Sessions typically last an hour, so there’s plenty of time for you and your group to kick back with your favourite spirit and ruminate over the escape room! We like to keep things light-hearted, fun and relaxed. It’s what we do best. 

Gintasting5. Questions 

We like to think we’re somewhat the experts when it comes to gin and rum. Let’s face it, we’ve drunk enough of it! We’ll be on-hand throughout to answer any questions you might have. 

If you’re thinking of having your event at SCRAMM, get in touch with us today to discuss your options! Please do get in touch to discuss your event and we can create a tailored offering just for you. 

Please complete your enquiry here. We are happy to make your escape room party experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2 PEOPLE: £30 per person
3 PEOPLE: £26 per person
4 PEOPLE: £25 per person
5 PEOPLE: £24 per person
6 PEOPLE: £23 per person