An Hour in our Escape Rooms is Good for your Mental Health!

Nov 10, 2021 | Scramm Posts

Something Fun to do

With life returning to some sort of normality after lockdown and people looking for days out to have fun with friends and family, we are looking forward to providing Banbury with its own Live Escape Rooms. We want to give the local community a fun place to enjoy time with their families and friends away from the everyday stresses. Our Escape Rooms will give people the opportunity to escape from reality for an hour and allow their mind to play, which can only improve their well-being.

Good for your Mental Health

escaped-from-the-chocolate-factoryEscape Rooms is an enjoyable activity that brings people together in a cooperative and fun way. The experience is immersive and benefits you by freeing your mind from your everyday life during the hour that you are working together finding clues, solving puzzles and having fun.
The live escape rooms are themed and help transport you, for a short time, to a different world. It feels like you really are in a highly volatile research laboratory, in a chocolate factory or actually robbing a bank. Add in a bit of adrenaline as the timer nearly runs out and you’ve forgotten the stresses you face every day and escape with a great sense of achievement.
The games and puzzles are immersive, interactive and encourage teamwork and communication. They are cleverly designed to test your problem solving to effectively develop team skills and give you something different to think about. Players need to communicate with each other to achieve their shared goal to escape, with the added benefit of feeling better for having time and social interaction with others.
Above all, you all have fun together, create new memories and leave feeling happy with lots of fun shared moments that you can talk about for hours afterwards.

Supporting a Local Charity

‘It’s a great way,’ said Andrea Love (Director) ‘to do something a bit different with family, friends or colleagues. We like to help others and are very proud to partner with the Oxfordshire Mental Health Charity, Restore. To support them we are donating £5 for every room booked this year. Restore helps the people of Oxfordshire to recover from mental ill-health, and we know how helpful it can be for people’s recovery to engage in fun group activities like SCRAMM has. We think this is a partnership made in heaven’.

What is a Live Escape Room?

You are locked in a themed game room for 60 minutes and you need to find a way to work together, beat the clock and escape. There are a lot of codes to crack, hidden clues and brain testing problems to solve that can help you get out. Think outside the box, help each other, solve the puzzles and most importantly laugh and have fun together!

Banbury Live Escape Rooms have three themed rooms and each is guaranteed to give players a fun and exciting experience. The rooms are designed for teams of two to six people of all ages from 10 to 99 years old.

Your first clue…. You can find SCRAMM next to the train station in Banbury.


Bank Robbery

Do you and your friends or work colleagues fancy trying to rob the Bank of SCRAMM in one hour before the alarms sound and the police arrive? Your team will need to break into the Bank of SCRAMM to transfer the incredible amount of €1,000,000,000 into an offshore account in order to escape.

Chocolate Factory

Our Chocolate Factory is a popular choice for families and birthday parties or people that ‘love’ chocolate where you have one hour to find the secret ingredient and save the future of Miss Hollie Dolly Mixture’s factory. It is a Chocolate Factory so there are real chocolate and sweets for you to find!

Virus Room

Do you and your team fancy having fun Solving Clues, Riddles And Much More trying to find an antidote for the virus (not that one!!!) and save the world in 60 minutes?

How To Book

SCRAMM Live Escape Rooms is now open and Covid-safe, even the Virus Room!
What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!
Come and have a go if you think you’re clever enough!

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2 PEOPLE: £30 per person
3 PEOPLE: £26 per person
4 PEOPLE: £25 per person
5 PEOPLE: £24 per person
6 PEOPLE: £23 per person