Escape Room Marriage Proposal – A Unique Way to Pop The Question!

May 1, 2022 | Scramm Posts

We’ve had lots of people celebrating their work-do’s, hen-do’s, stag-do’s and birthday-“do’s” in our escape rooms. This weekend we had our first escape room marriage proposal in our Chocolate Factory!

Joe, Ebony and the team after Joe proposed in our Escape Room

Ebony always told Joe she didn’t want any traditional “Eiffel Tower” proposal, it had to be a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt type of proposal. He couldn’t do that…he needed something different…. something she wouldn’t expect… he needed an escape room!

Joe contacted us to arrange a special escape room experience: He wanted to hide the ring in the last puzzle of the Chocolate Factory for his girlfriend to find. How could we refuse? What a special, original and unique way to propose and surprise his girlfriend!

The Surprise Planning Started

Joe chose the date, a date that Ebony’s best friend and husband could join them; Joe made the booking with us at SCRAMM and we met up a few days beforehand for him to pass the ring to us for safe keeping.

On The Day

We greeted Joe and his team, keeping the fact we had already met a secret. They played the escape room totally unaware of what was about to happen. Apart from Joe of course, a little nervous! They did really well and made it to the last puzzle for the big moment!

Escape Room Marriage Proposal

She said “Yes!” so we paused the game, rushed in with a bottle of bubbly and glasses to toast the happy couple. I should say happy team…Ebony’s best friend was flooded with tears of joy! After a couple of photos, we let them finish the game, they needed to find the secret ingredient!

As an extra bonus they came top of our Leaderboard escaping in an impressive 36 minutes and 50 seconds!

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2 PEOPLE: £30 per person
3 PEOPLE: £26 per person
4 PEOPLE: £25 per person
5 PEOPLE: £24 per person
6 PEOPLE: £23 per person