Team Building with SCRAMM

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A New Escape Game in Banbury
September 5, 2017
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Why SCRAMM is the best choice for a team building option?

SCRAMM Real Life Room Escape Game delivers fun corporate team building events with 2 differently themed game rooms to host fun events for up to 12 participants playing at the same time! Your group of people have an hour to solve the puzzles before the clock hits zero. Our interactive indoor activities retain the element of fun and is cleverly designed to test all aspects of problem solving and mental dexterity to effectively develop team skills. The teams will definitely be richer with unforgettable moments and talk about their experience for hours after robbing a bank, saving a chocolate factory or finding the antidote of a virus(COMING SOON!)! If you need help with organizing your event contact us directly on 07786 254212 or by email at